Class Groups

Each of our swimmers are assigned a group based on their swimming abilities. To find out more about each group, please see below:



Our first group, where we build the foundation of all future swimmers!

Building on water confidence and basic propulsive movement through the water. This group is for swimmers who swim less than 5 metres unaided / duckling award / less than Stage 1 level up to Stage 2



Our second group, where children are now a little older and have mastered swimming a little unaided. They are now working on developing their front crawl and a little backstroke, concentrating on developing a great kick and horizontal body positions.

Stage 2 – 4 up to 50 metres unaided swimming in two strokes.



Turtles are now working on more advanced stroke technique and lifesaving skills too. There is a lot of focus on streamline, sculling and kicking too.

Stage 4-6 up to 200 metres unaided swimming in 3 strokes at an intermediate level.



Our top learn-to-swim group is based on the comprehensive development of all four strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke front crawl. All of these must be mastered before moving to our Sharks Swim Squad!

Your child will work on some competitive elements of swimming at this level too such as race diving, tumble turns and relay racing.

Stage 7 up to 600 metres swimming all four strokes correctly.

Sharks Swim Squad


If your child has the necessary skills and wants to advance further we offer a pre-competition level ‘squad’ which will be an hour-long and will give them all the competitive tools they will need to progress smoothly into a club. Coached by two highly experienced coaches, Scott & Josh Mckenzie they will progress quickly and be pushed to achieve several awards too!

Stage 8-10 up to 5000 metres.